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Getting Groovy with Quentiq – the Best New Health Platform Around

by Michele on October 5, 2012

For many of us, working fitness into our routine on a regular basis can be a challenge.  I was doing really, really well until my husband and I moved into a fantastic 1980′s Victorian “fixer-upper” home.  For the majority of our seemingly very short summer, time I’d typically spend biking, lifting weights and cooking healthy dinners was spent painting, cleaning, painting, staining, painting, installing kitchen hardware…oh yeah, and did I say painting?

We moved into our new home at the end of August and, while it’s no where near completion,  it’s comfortable and live-able. It took over 120 years to get to where it is now. I think a couple months recovering from painting induced carpal tunnel is reasonable :)

Now that things have settled down, I’ve re-started my routine.  Sadly, my fitness groove is no longer…um… groovy.  I’m back to trying to get motivated to work out – and back to grumbling about being sore.  What had become simply another component of my daily routine has now become a challenge.

In an effort to motivate myself I began to search online for some sort of fitness tracking app or software that would help me get back into the swing of things.  I’ve used a few different apps in the past; but never found one that I felt truly integrated all aspects of my health and wellness.  As we all know, while our bodies may be working efficiently from a mechanical perspective, our mental state of being, our lifestyle and our relationships all affect our overall health and wellness.

Enter Quentiq - a health platform which inspires users to live a healthier life – not simply increase physical performance or fit into their daughter’s jeans.  Since Fit Foodista is all about the whole person – body, mind and spirit, Quentiq seemed like the perfect place to begin.

They offer a free 60 day trial period, so I signed up, logged on, and completed my profile.  At first blush, I’m impressed with a few things.  The depth of the profile interview and resulting analysis seems thorough and comprehensive.  Including questions about everything from the user’s current sleep patterns to alcohol consumption and social interactions, Quentiq seemingly hits on all major contributors to one’s well being. Plus, for those who use technology to track their workouts, Quentiq offers a variety of options for integrating data.  Devices such as weight scales, blood pressure cuffs and heart monitors can be connected to Quentiq to enable automatic upload of health data. And the Quentiq tracker smartphone app allows users to accurately track outdoor (GPS enabled) and indoor fitness activities, upload tracks automatically to the Quentiq Health Platform and get access to their personal Quentiq Health Score in real-time. For those competitive types, Quentiq allows users to connect with friends to share activities and participate in competitions, challenges and fitness leagues.  It looks like I may have found what I’m looking for.

SO – I’m back on the fitness bandwagon and hoping Quentiq will help me stay motivated, track my progress and manage my whole-body health.  Check back in a month or so for a follow up report and more detailed review of what I’m hoping will be a great new tool for all you health and fitness folks!

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