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Quentiq Health Platform – Something for Everyone

by Michele on November 17, 2012

Logo for Quentiq Health Platform

Some of you may have read an article I wrote around a month ago about Quentiq – a great health platform designed to engage users in total-body health. Because of my background as a food, health and wellness blogger, I was asked to give Quentiq a try and have been using it regularly ever since.

This article is a follow up – and an opportunity to share some of my thoughts on my experience thus far.

First, there is a LOT going on at Quentiq and I’m still learning the ins-outs-and possibilities.  One thing I know for certain, though, is that there is something there that is sure to click with just about everyone interested in improving their health and fitness.

New users are asked to complete a health survey for the purpose of creating a Quentiq “Health Score.”  The health score is comprised of three distinct pillars: My Activity, My Emotions/Feelings and My Body.  Users are assigned a health score based on their responses to the survey; and each user’s score changes continuously as they log their activities, maintain accurate data such as weight and blood pressure, and modify responses to the emotion/feeling questions as appropriate.  The more accurate the information, the more accurate the health score. Ideally, users will have detailed information such as their blood glucose level and their cholesterol counts available when they complete the survey.  Those without access to this information needn’t fret, though.  The health score can still be tracked without it – and it’s easy to add whenever the data becomes available.

Quentiq New User Registration Graphic

One of the nicest qualities of this platform is that it offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a serious athlete, a “regular” person trying to stay in shape or someone completely new to health and fitness, Quentiq has you covered.

Quentiq allows users to track their workouts for a whopping 95 different activities.  There are general, fitness class, indoor cardio machine, martial arts and swimming categories – all containing a large variety of sub-categories ranging from yoga and meditation to snow mountaineering.  The only items I’ve found missing are those many of us perform on a daily basis – those that burn calories but aren’t necessarily considered traditional “exercise.” These include items such as gardening, housekeeping activities that get the heart rate up and burn calories, and lawn mowing, snow shoveling, etc.  Users can, though, log-in hours spent on these mundane calorie burners as a “general workout session.” The algorithm calculations may not be spot-on, but the activities will at least be recorded as exercise.

Quentiq Health Platform Activities Icons

Quentiq’s 95 Trackable Activities


Users who love gaming will appreciate the built-in “gamification” qualities that allow them to join interactive leagues, strive for “leveling-up” in various activities and earn a variety of achievements.  For example, one of my favorite fitness activities is cycling/mountain biking. In the summer months when the weather is better for cycling outdoors, I could easily set and achieve the 25 km goal on one ride and then set my sights on a more challenging goal – such as 25 km on five consecutive days – or an even loftier goal of 250 km in a single day.

You don’t have to ride 25km a day to benefit from the goals option, though.  Users can create goals that are appropriate to them and their individual situation.  For example, someone new to fitness and in need of losing a pound or two can create a weight loss goal that can be tracked and figured into their health score.  Quentiq’s goals and achievement options are a fantastic way to motivate and push yourself to do more and do better.

Tracking completed workouts is easy.  The simple “add workout” button on the main screen of the platform takes users to a screen showing their most used workouts (for when they frequently repeat a particular activity) and a drop-down menu with the full complement of 95 choices for when they’ve recently added a new type of exercise to their routine.  From there, they have the option to manually enter their workout using a simple calendar or downloading data from a GPS or other device collected during a workout.

The smartphone app is really nice complimentary feature. Users can start the app when they begin their workout and when their workout is complete, the data is sent to their profile on the Quentiq platform website – no manual entry is necessary.  For those who enable GPS when using the app, the online platform posts a cool little map of where they were (or where they went if they were running, biking, etc.) when they were participating in the activity. The map shows up on their home page along with the data from all their Quentiq friends’ most recent activities.

Here is a screen shot of my afternoon walk with my dog.  You can see exactly where we went, how much distance we covered and how long it took us to cover that distance (including stopping to sniff everything, and  say hello to a couple friendly folks also out on a miserable day with their own furry friends).

For those who love their social media, Quentiq allows users to make new friends already using the platform and invite non-user friends to join. It also allows people to post their workouts on Facebook and Twitter.  As we all know, it’s easier to stay motivated when we have a community of people cheering us on!

If I have a criticism, it would be that users need to be at least somewhat tech-savvy and willing to take a bit of time to learn the nuances of the platform.

For people with a smartphone, though, use becomes much simpler. Users simply open the app, choose their activity and press the start button when beginning and the stop button when finished.  The app and the online platform handle everything else.

That one criticism aside, Quentiq is a fantastic, new, highly interactive…and fun way to take on managing health and wellness.  I still have a lot to learn about all Quentiq has to offer; but I know for certain that it’s quickly becoming a crucial component of my fitness routine.

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