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Are You Addicted to Carbs? Just Say NO

by Michele on June 29, 2013

Low Glycemic Index Carb Pusher

Low Glycemic Index Carb Pusher

No longer is the phrase, “OH! those (fill in the blank) are absolutely addictive!” simply an expression.  One of the newest foodie studies claims that food (low glycemic index carbs in particular) are, indeed addictive.  If further research supports the recent study – and based on my inability to eat a single crispy, salty, greasy chip,  I highly suspect it will  - how will this new information affect the general public?  Will it provide yet another convenient excuse for overeating and poor diet or will it finally light that proverbial fire under those who have been at the mercy of their taste buds, body chemistry and meal planners?

Junk food lab techs now admit to making a concerted effort to manufacture foods that will create an addictive dependence.  Just like other junkies, food addicts crave their drug of choice which, of course, literally feeds the piggy banks of the food giants.  The target population of these food giants are what they call “heavy users.”  These aren’t folks who smoke too much pot or regularly pop mother’s little helper.  These are folks who, through economic necessity, ignorance or accident have become addicted to sugar and fat….and the processed food manufacturers are doing everything they can to hook each and every one of us.

These companies are not only unethical, they’re hitting many where it hurts the most – in their pocket book. We’re all  paying for the impact highly processed, addictive food has on our general population.  You may be heading through the McDonald’s drive through because it’s cheaper than cooking a chicken dinner (which is criminal) or you’re paying higher insurance premiums, co pays and contributions for those suffering the ill effects of these foods.

Let’s hope that folks will begin to see that Frito Lay or Hostess executives really don’t care how you look, feel or manage your health.  Their only goal is to put more dirty money in the pockets of their shareholders.  Let’s hope, too, that knowledge really is power and those of us who understand the benefits of eating well – and more importantly – HOW to eat well on a budget will share their knowledge with others.  Maybe then, even those who eat poorly out of economic necessity will be able to  stand up and Just Say NO.

Learn  more about carbohydrates and nutritionally dense foods.

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