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SOocket Ball: Play-Powered Energy

by Michele on July 7, 2013


Maybe you’ve seen bicycles generate electricity when pedaled on their customized trainer.  Pretty cool, but mostly for those who have at least a thousand bucks (for the bike, trainer and all the peripherals) to put out.  A few years ago four women from Harvard invented the SOocket Ball – modeled after the ball used in the most popular sport in the world – soccer.  This little wonder-ball generates and stores electricity when kicked, tossed, rolled, etc.; and with a nominal manufacture cost of around $70, that  they’re trying to get down to just $10, it will likely hit the shelves at significantly less than the bike trainers.soockett ball

Once charged, the SOocket Ball can be used to power a cell phone charger, light, fan, etc.  Word has it that the new prototype will be able to produce much more power and even a water purifier….very cool.  An inexpensive “toy” + an incredibly popular sport + little kids having fun and getting exercise = a fantastic device I know I would love to have if I was a citizen of a third world country – or heck – even some of the so called “civilized” places rife with poverty.

Currently, SOocket Balls are being prepped for mass manufacture.  Once they hit the shelves in the U.S., each time a ball is purchased, another ball will be donated to a high-need community in Africa ala the Tom’s shoes model.

For more information, visit Uncharted Play, the company developed for marketing, manufacture and distribution of the SOocket Ball.

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