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I’d Rather be a Vegetarian than Eat a Lab-Grown Burger

by Michele on August 9, 2013

Our Future Farmyard?

Our Future Farmyard?

Ok – so I never got my invitation to the tasting party for the $330k “burger” every media outlet seems to be talking about this week; but somehow I just don’t think I missed anything.

Fully understanding that the world is likely to face a crisis in feeding it’s masses.  I get the impetus behind genetically modified produce and laboratory grown meat. (I also understand that big-agri  - heck big anything – seems to fall into the category of money-grubbing Wall Streeters with only the pocketbooks of their shareholders in mind.)

Nevertheless, if  a petri dish is the inevitable that the future of animal protein, I’ll pass.  Granted, I’m not a huge meat lover.  I appreciate a good burger on occasion and I would genuinely miss the occasional strip of crisp, smoky bacon; but I’d willingly give up both to keep the meat industry in the barnyard.

Sadly, I suspect scientifically generated meat may be the only affordable solution for meat-lovers of the future. Remember the movie Soylent Green? Like non-GMO and organic produce of today, in the future I fear only the wealthy will be eating “the good stuff.”  The chicken nuggets from the lab won’t be made of people, but……. like the movie, only the well-off will be eating real food.  The rest of the population will be dining on food that has been least touched (or fully manufactured) by some sort of artificial process. In the movie, of the average citizenry only the old folks remembered the flavors and textures of food that were grown and cultivated through natural means.  How sad that I may be like those old folks…that my future grand children may know only lab burgers and those enormous, tasteless, juice-less imposters they call strawberries  in most markets these days.

Food bastardization has been creeping up on us for years.  Fruits and vegetables have been hybridized to ensure the best shelf life – not the best flavor.  Ever had one of those grocery store tomatoes that never seem to ripen and taste ever so slightly like acidic cardboard?  There you go.  Progress…..sheesh!

In short, maybe I’d rather be a vegetarian than eat lab-grown meat, but I’d better start gathering my heirloom seeds and clearing that sunny spot in my yard if I want to be able to eat “the good stuff” in my old age.

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walter August 10, 2013 at 2:14 am

Well said and I am sure it will take a long time till we produce meat in the lab, but we already have plenty of bad stuff going around, like the horse meat in hamburgers and lasagna sold in England………I guess it will be more and more like this, everybody wants to eat meat, but honestly, who can afford a nice Black Angus Steak ever so often??? And with the growing need of meat in Asia, it will be getting tight, do I like the way it goes? No! But unfortunately I think we can not avoid it in the long term, so let’s enjoy the moment and good and healthy food, Lovely blog you have, cheers Walter


Michele August 10, 2013 at 2:36 pm

Hi Walter,
Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I agree with you completely!


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